Superbowl Sunday looms over our heads again. For whatever reason you watch it (the football, the teams, or the commercials) it’s a game that has everyone talking. The New England Patriots (18 and 0, looking for 19) and the New York Giants (undefeated on the road…if you forget that Dallas game…) will bring their top game (for the first 3 quarters anyway, eli) in a rematch of epic dimensions. So maybe I’m inflating this game a little more than its worth; it’s a regional game, both teams in the northeast, one bulldog of a team and the second an underdog, one record setting quarterback/receiver combo, another just reaching his adulthood of football. On the other hand, it’s a game that everyone can enjoy for most of the same reasons; some love the underdog (and the giants are very much the underdog in this contest) and others love to see history (even if it is the patriots…). Looking back to their last matchup together, it was a tight game, both teams not holding anything back, for a game that meant nothing in the playoff standings, with the final score coming with a 3 point difference in favor of the Patriots. Now with everything to play for, heres to hoping it’s a game that lives up the expectations, to see two top class teams give it their all to be named champions.

Oh if your wondering who I’m supporting: ill have to give it to the Giants, like I said people have a tendency to root for the underdog, and I’m one of those people.

And the score: Giants 34 Patriots 38. Just because I support the giants doesn’t necessarily mean their going to win…

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