Superbowl Shokers

That, my friends, was an intense and amazing game. In the end the New York Giants turned out the winners, denying the New England Patriots and even the pitiful selection of commercials. Yes, the underdogs have done it; they’ve made it the rematch of dreams and a super bowl worth watching. For this season at least, the patriots will not be the undisputed champions and they don’t have the perfect season (rather 18 wins and 1 Giant loss). That was the most shocking part to the superbowl, the second big shocker was that the ads (overall) SUCKED! Everyone knows that if you don’t watch the superbowl for the football then you watch it for the ads. Companies spend millions on these things and its one of the few television events where every commercial is broadcast in 16:9 HD. There were a lot of ‘good’ ads, but no ‘great’ ones, some even prompting a ‘you-bought-30-seconds-of-air-time-for-this’ responses. Avoiding the terribly ads here are the best as I viewed it:

Diet Pepsi Max- What is love (featuring Chris Kattan, music made famous from the SNL ‘night at the Roxbury’ sketch, and more celebrities nodding off before getting a burst of energy)

Bridgestone– Scream (simply for the one shot of the grasshopper screaming)

FedEx- Carrier Pigeons (how else would you deliver packaging?)

E*TRADE- Baby Buys Stock (so check it, click. I just bought stock.)

But the best was definitively:
Coca-Cola- It's Your Coke, Charlie Brown (an epic battle between Stewie and Underdog for a bottle of coke in the)

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