Movie Roundup 2009

so this began as a summer movie roundup, but then i forgot to do that, so here is a yearly roundup for 2009.

20. Taken
You know my thoughts on this one.
19. Final destination 3
Stupid. Just stupid.
18. The International
Not thrilling, and not entertaining.
17. Planet 51
Childish but still kind of fun.
16. Fame
Rushed and slightly hard to follow. This musical remake doesn’t live to the same standards as others in recent years.
15. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Ok, lets just get the whole cast together and do X-Men 4, none of this origins bull.
14. 9
A story that might have been told before, but still beautiful in its execution.
13. Inglorious Bastards
I do appreciate Quintin Tarentino for his creative style and was glad to see it in this movie, but this didn’t live to the hype.
12. Harry Potter 6
They continue to get better (proportional to darkness), but one can only go so far with substandard acting and mediocre storylines.
11. Couples Retreat
Hey, let’s put 6 dysfunctional couples on an island and see what happens. The result, not as funny as it could have been.
10. the Hangover
Taking stupidity to greater heights, the Hangover finds what makes the worst-best night ever
9. I Love You, Man
Fish tacos and all, the Paul Rudd stared comedy is lovable and funny.
8. Funny People
While it was billed as much funnier, the result was subtlety more fun than a stupid comedy could ever achieve.
7. District 9
Taking the fakumentary to new levels, thrilling and entertaining.
6. UP
Pixar’s contribution to this year in animation, the highest ranking comedy on the list.

5. Law Abiding Citizen
A smart movie, the likes of which aren’t seen that often, it slides in at number.

4. Star Trek
J.J. Abrams brings the old series back to life in spectacular form, I swear everything he touches is gold.

3. Benjamin Button
Three hours, but definitely worth it in the end. An emotional ride as we watch Benjamin button grow young.

2. Invictus
While I do like Rugby, it had nothing to do with the liking of this movie. Morgan Freemans portrayal of Nelson Mandela just after he took office in South Africa is brilliant. The story is tight and compelling.

1. Watchmen
The movie form of the famous graphic novel by Alan Moore. I read the graphic novel before and was truly impressed by the comparison. Though some things were changed the characters remained mostly true to the book and were wonderfully brought to life in this Zach Snyder epic.

Top Albums of the Decade

So i couldn't, try as i might, limit this list to 10 albums. Thats why its 15 long. either way these are the albums that are both my favorite combined with their critical acclaim.

15. Meteora – Linkin Park
-It was a toss up between this and Hybrid Theory, but this won out in the end as the album I much preferred.
14. Stars of CCTV – Hard-Fi
-This London rock group’s first album tells the stories of young adults under the cameras; the stars of CCTV.
13. These Streets – Paolo Nutini
-Unique and different, this album is a really good listen. Too bad his sophomore did not meet the same high standards.
12, Graduation – Kanye West
-His most celebrated release, and the album that really defined the Kanye West brand. And who can forget those glasses?
11. X & Y – Coldplay
-While others might point out A Rush of Blood to the Head, X & Y is the album that got me addicted and is the most played in my library.
10. Jimmy Eat World – Jimmy Eat World
-Another complete album, surprisingly varied yet totally unified.
9. Eye to the Telescope – KT Tunstall
-Can’t find a bad thing to say about this album, it has highs and lows but comes out solid in the end.
8. FutureSex/Lovesounds – Justin Timerlake
-Without knowing it you can probably identify 4 songs from this album, JT reinvents himself from pop star boy to hip hop adult.
7. Hot Fuss – The Killers
-The debut album from the Killers, bringing a unique sound that they would soon depart from, going on to equally good things.
6. The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance
-yea im a sucker for concept albums, but this one is one of the better ones.

...and now the top 5...

5. Continuum – John Mayer
John Mayer’s third major release rounds out the top five. It’s a smart album that combines multiple influences into a string of likable and well constructed songs.

4. Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not – Arctic Monkeys
-the longest album title on the list, thought this isnt suprising considering lead singer Alex Turner’s way with words that craft the eccentric lyrics to the Arctic Monkeys high intensity narrative-esque songs.

3. Eyes Open – Snow Patrol
-This album manages to capture so many wide ranging feelings and emotions in a tight package it has squirmed into the number 3 spot. While many will only know this album for its major hit ‘Chasing Cars,’ the album is full of many other exceptional songs, ‘Hands Open’ and ‘Set Fire to the Third Bar’ to name a couple.

2. Absolution – Muse
-It was the album that brought Muse into the spotlight. Full of single worthy songs yet cohesive as a whole this album earned Muse the respect they had been due since ‘Origins of Symetry.’

1. American Idiot – Green Day.
- If ever there was an album that captured the feelings of this decade, Green Day created it. A complete album that tells the story of angst, political awareness and love in times of hardships, this slips—although with much competition—into the number one spot.