Music’s Biggest Night

For the past 50 years the music industry has gathered together to honor the greatest achievements in music in the past year. This year they not only honored current artists but honored those that have contributed to music in the past. With some pretty chillingly spectacularly and amazing performances, this years Grammys looked back over the past 50 years and recognized the people that have made music what it is today—pairing past stars with current. More than before the ceremony focused on the performances rather than the awards, and while some were a little sloppy, there were some great examples of why these artists win Grammys. Here are some of the best moments (I was going to do ‘awards’, but msn beat me to it…):
Beatles Tribute: While the Cirque du Soliel portion didn’t really work on the Grammy stage (I still want to see Love though), the performance of Let it Be following it was one of two times I got chills up my spine. Very powerful, and I will definitely be seeing across the universe very soon.
Kanye West: firstly the tron-like Stronger was impressive. The white slated glasses we’ve come to associate with Graduation and electric jacket, backed with red-fringed DJ’s and blue-fringe violins. That song was then followed by the second goosebumply moment Kanye’s song dedicated to his mama. With Kanye’s emotional voice singing supplemented with a segment of strings it was a truly powerful moment
Orchestra: my favorite thing about the Grammys (and whenever and wherever they do it) is mixing orchestra pieces into current and pop songs like Kanye did in his song to his mama, and how Foo Fighters did in the Pretender.
Jazz: bringing special recognition to a music form that might have been forgotten, most prominently honoring Herbie Hancock as Album of the year but also in the performance of George Girshwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.
Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli: awesome. Great tribute for an amazing singer.
Kanye West: making the second appearance on this list for telling the music to stop. And it did, indeed he does run the Grammys and it is his house.
It was a great show with lots of great moments and awards going to mostly the musicians that deserved it, I thought.
Oh, and if you didn’t get it ALL of last night, shop at target and buy a Malibu.

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