Most Tedious Award Show

And the Oscar goes to…well, the Oscars. Yes, Sunday evening the Oscars took home the award for most tedious award show and show to feature the most films no ones ever heard off. There’s a reason I don’t like to watch the Oscars, and the thing is I forget it every year, hoping that it will be a good one, that something generally good would happen, and that I would be entertained. But it never does. Not even John Stewart can save it. Every year we, the audience, face the same awkward ceremony, that is, the biggest load of self-appreciative crap out there. I don’t care if Marion Cotillard won Best Actress for La Vie en Rose, I’ve never heard of her before, and for that matter the film. Despite the fact that the content and awardees are unfamiliar, the procession of the show really brings it to a whole new level of dreariness. There’s nothing exciting planned (just award, awkward speech, pathetic joke, commercial and repeat). This is one thing that the Grammys have really stepped up to the plate on, providing something other than the monotony of award after award. So there it is, note to self: I don’t care if John Stewart is hosting, avoid the Oscars.

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