I.E. I used to have a dollar but because the economy is terrible its now just spare change. Seriously this word is getting passed around like a football. Yes it is Superbowl weekend, but it’s also voting time. A time to rack your brain, ready your fingers and decide who would make the best fit for a president. Its true, America needs a change and the question is who will give it? We’ve got change coming at up from all angles, propositions, promises, predictions. The key is to decipher what change is good, which will benefit the country the best. Candidates are proposing different approaches to the economic problems facing America, claiming a way to change practices to ensure a stable and steady economy for one example. I urge you to look to what the candidates are really saying, don’t vote on the candidate with empty, immature or understated promises. The support on Facebook, for example, for candidate Ron Paul is ill-founded (Facebook claiming he has 40.1% of Facebookers supporting him). I would like to see his supporters give one fact aside from he supports medical marijuana to which they would want him for president. On the other side of the spectrum Obama is receiving support simply because he isn’t the (and I’m quoting here) ‘crazy bitch.’ Look at what’s being presented to you, vote on the issues; then perhaps we can truly achieve Change.

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