Twofer: Where’s our social life gone?

Facebook’s been down for about 13 hours now. Not Facebook as a whole, but the Hartford chapter (, whether that’s a problem on Facebooks end or on the campus’ internet I don’t know, what I do know, and have come to realize is how much I click on that bookmark. It’s only when something’s gone that you miss it, right; well I couldn’t be truer than with Facebook. I have two obsessions on the web, that’s checking my email and checking Facebook and I’m sure it’s true with many other college students around the world. To have instant connection to every person you are personally connected with is an immense thing, a power that has evolved the way we communicate as a campus-society and a world society. By not having this connection its throwing the balance of the universe up in the air, and it’s a slightly disconcerting feeling. Where’s our social life gone?

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