The Return of the TV

After 3 long months, the WGA has secured a deal and has returned to work! Now, since the beginning of the strike I’ve supported the writers, as a user (and to an extent, creator) of digital content I could understand the writers discomfort at being ‘gypped’ out of their rightful money. Now I see two sides to the return of the writers, a good side and a bad side. Starting with the good side, it means a return for some of my favorite shows like Lost (5 to 6 new episodes), the Office and 30 Rock (also 5 to 6 new episodes), House (with 4 to 6 new episodes), not to mention one of the best new shows this year the Big Bang Theory (with up to 9 new episodes!). Then there’s also the good point that we wont have to suffer a completely reality line-up in the fall. The bad side of the writers return is the probable return to mediocrity of Conan (who I think has been the funniest I’ve ever seen during his return during the writers strike). In addition one of my most anticipated shows, 24, will not be returning, perhaps until January 2009! That, along with Heroes which also will have a long wait to return in the fall 08. Finally pilot season has fallen to scraps, meaning little or no new shows this fall, although that might not be all bad and might mean more thought out and generally better shows in Spring or Fall 09. Ultimately, though, the ‘props’ goes to the writers for fighting for what they believe in, for their sacrifices. Now get back to work!

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  1. I can't wait to see The Big Bang Theory again. I am counting the days until March 17. This is the funniest show on TV.