A+ A Cappella

A cappella, its part choreography, part comedy, and most importantly the creation of music with just the voice. Here at the University of Hartford its one of the more forefront accomplishments of both students in the Hartt School and even students not within it. Yesterday was the regional ICCA competition, encompassing a cappella groups from New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut including L’Shir from Hartford. The acts were varied including an enthusiastic and almost-soulful 3 songs from NYU’s N’Harmonics, an all guys group, the Fordham Ramblers, which like most guys groups substituted a little bit of talent for comedy, and an all girls group, the Wheaton whims, that almost echoed barbershop, and a three song medley of sorts from Hartford’s L’shir. The top two teams to advance to the next round, exactly like last year, were N’Harmonics and L’shir. I love a cappella when it’s done right, and these two teams really showed the judges what it’s all about. Congratulations to the two of them, and good luck to L’shir in the next round.

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