Wildfires in Australia

So if you haven’t heard about the massive wild fires across southern Australian you’ve probably been walking around with your head up your ass. Also, you might not know that I was in Australia 2 months and 10 days ago.
A quick recap for those with head-in-ass-syndrome: I studied in Melbourne for 5 months. These wild fires have been all across the state of Victoria. Mainly to the east and north of Melbourne. So I really had never been to any of the places which are being devastated by the fire.
That is until today when I read that Wilsons prom is also on fire. See this post for Wilson’s prom from my overseas blog. I happened to spend a weekend in this natural park, the most southern point on the Australian continent. A lightning strike set a fire Monday, and is (was) now burning down a steep valley 11 km from tidal river and 2km away from sealers cove. Which, by my estimations, is about the place where this picture was taken:While this fire is just being left to burn itself out (due to the high amount of fuel and inaccessibility (a 8km walk, and only walking track)), its weird to think a place I was at on the 26th of October at 1:20pm has been radically changed.

Wilson’s prom has other signs of wildfire damage, like the beginning of the walk up to Mount Oberon. But then again fire has always been an issue for Australia. In fact, certain Australian trees and plants only survive because of fire which allows their seeds to be dispersed and burnt open.

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