The International

The film I’m going to rip apart this week is the international—Clive Owen’s new flick. Actually, in truth I’m not going to rip it because it wasn’t worse than Taken (but I doubt anything could beat that movie). Seriously now, it was not a bad movie, but it wasn’t any measure of great either.
First and foremost the plot left A LOT to be desired. Think of it like a stretched out Law & Order episode to two hours, except cut the last 10 minutes cut off and just end it there. Spanning across multiple nations, the investigation which the movie is centered about is somewhat intriguing but nothing exemplary enough to base a story around. Fact: we know that banks are corrupt entities and they get away with it, and there’s nothing Clive Owen can do against it—or any other investigatory team for that matter.
The tension in the movie rivals that of genre-sharer Michael Clayton. If one was to compare, it was a slightly better movie that Michael Clayton, but Michael Clayton had a better ending. There is one pretty awesome scene in the Guggenheim in New York City (Seen in the movie poster), which the Guggenheim lends itself very well too (even if it was a life size replica).
In the end though, the lack of a substantial plot ending really deducts from the overall feel to the movie. If you have the choice between Taken and the International go see the International because the majority of the movie is generous enough to merit your ticket price.

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