Song of the Moment: 20 Dollar Nose Job

Despite my affinity for totally over produced songs and brass sections in songs, this is my song of the moment.
Like I just said I love songs that a produced way over their need to be, and Fall Out Boy never fails to succeed in doing this flawlessly. This song, the penultimate song on their new album is a prime example of definitive over production gold. Not to mention brass—the superb horns in between chorus and verse and in the breakdown.
Getting away from the actual sound of the music, the lyrics are really good to. The second verse, par example:
It feels like 14 carats but no clarity When I look at the man who would be king The man who would be king goes to the desert to sing war his dad rehearsed came back with flags on coffins and said we won, oh, we won.
I’m fairly sure this is a complete dig at bush as he was on his way out, and it’s written so well. Which is another thing Fall Out Boy never fails at (for the most part)—writing good song lyrics.
Stepping back from the overload of Fall Out Boy Fandom there, its great to here Brendon Urie’s (Panic at the Disco) voice paired up with Patrick Stumps. They make an excellent combo which really adds to this awesome song.
Melodies and lyrics, this song has everything I like in a song. Best song on the album?

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  1. the only other song on the album that comes close for me is track 1, "Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes." The rest of the album is good when it's played concurrently but these two songs can easily stand on their own