Why I don’t Like State of the Unions

…Or whatever that was that Obama did on Tuesday.
I should have posted this yesterday, or even Tuesday night when it had more relevance, but I felt like I still wanted to say this. I don’t like State of the Unions. And here are a few reasons why:
  • It all seems like a self-congratulatory mess. “Here’s what we did, nation, aren’t you proud of us?”
  • The self-congratulatory mess leads to series of applauses, which for the most part the republicans didn’t partake in. Bipartisan, what?
  • The applause interrupts the speech. “Wait, what was he just talking about—I mean before the 5 minute applause; while we waited for everyone to stand up and sit down”.
  • It looks like a demented Mexican wave. I mean if politicians can’t master the Mexican wave then we have no hope for politics.
  • Nancy Polosi has no idea what’s going on. The vacant look on her face and her mistimed applause supports this.
  • Joe Biden (and other politicians) is disinterested in what Obama is saying; his (their) booklet is much more interesting.
  • I don’t know a lot of the politicians there. Personally I believe if I don’t know your face, you’re probably not trying hard enough.
  • It sounds like president Obama still thinks he’s on the campaign trail. All this rhetoric is just campaign speak rehashed. You’ve won us; you don’t need to convince us anymore!
  • Obama claps like a retarded toy monkey.
Oh wait I shouldn’t say monkey:

This is not to mention all the leaders of America are in the same place at the same time? National Security, what?

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