I’ve been laughing along with the first season of FX’s show Testees for the past couple of night. I’d never even heard of this show before discovering it on Hulu.com, but have since jumped headfirst into this perverse and humorous half-hour comedy.
The show centers around two twenty-something’s whose job is to test products before the general public gets them. The products are bizarre to say the least but create the bulk of the situational humor in the show. Even though the majority of the show centers around the two main guys, Peter and Ron, and the occupational hazards of working at Testico, there are sub characters who contribute either to the main and subplot (sometimes constructively and sometimes not). Kate and ‘Nugget’ dysfunctional friendship often leads to humorous antics. It’s the show’s creator Kenny Hotz’s Character, Larry, plots that really irks me to the point where I dislike episodes in which he features heavily. Having said that the best episodes are by far:
Ep 03. Memory Loss (Awkward (read: Awkward!) Humor)
Ep 05. Uber-Glued
Ep 09. Jelly Bean Omelettes (Ron/Peter sections are LOL-funny)
Ep 11. Pineapple Shampoo
Ep 12. Project X

Here's to hoping this show gets renewed for its second season with more shows like the ones listed above.

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