Oh Dear God…the Snuggie

I’ve been obscenely opposed to this commercial since returning to America and finding it plastered all over TV (oi vey CNN…I suppose it beats HeadOn). So, imagine my surprise when I read an article today that the Snuggie (the blanket with sleeves!) has sold 4 million units. That’s $40 million in retail sales?!?! So many blankets, in fact, that they are on backorder from the factory that produces them in China.
My objections to this in demand article layered in sarcasm and distaste. I should start firstly with the ridiculous nature of the Snuggie. I’m sorry, get a big blanket and deal with it. Which genius (and where) decided that making a backwards coat would be a good idea if it was made out of fleece. Apart from its awful design that likens to Technicolor Halloween ghost costumes or 14th century monk robes, the fleece itself isn’t actually comfortable. I recently had the displeasure of being in bed bath & beyond this past weekend and snuck a feel at the Snuggie to find it more of a coarse, thin and undeserving material than the advertised ‘ultra soft’. And don’t get me started about the 3 attractive colors that they decided would be good choices. Simple point is, if I catch anyone wearing one of these absurd backwards gowns, I will laugh in their faces firstly for ordering anything from Direct Response TV and secondly for, of all things, ordering the Snuggie.

Other people have the same aversion to this bizarre product:
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I’m fairly sure Jesus wore one of these.

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  1. those Snuggie infomercials draw in my attention like a magnet, though i haven't gotten the point of actually buying one yet