Seaworld is NOT Disney

…so why is it trying to be? Seaworld is actually owned by Anheuser-Busch, the same company that owns Busch Gardens, which I guess I didn’t know until getting down to Florida this week. But this has nothing to do with the title save for the fact that Seaworld is not Disney. In fact it’s always been a break from the sometimes overbearing Disney atmosphere. So imagine my surprise sitting down for the dolphin show and being overwhelmed by the imagine-a-fantastic-once-upon-a-dream-magic schemed show reminiscent of any Disney production.
Not cool SeaWorld.
They took what I remember being a fairly sane and informational show mixed with lots of cool dolphin tricks with balls and jumps etc, and replaced it with a few dolphin tricks, dancing, happy-go-lucky orchestral music, parrots, flags, water jets and sprays, trapeze artists, plumes, feathers and the rejects from the USA Olympic diving team.
They did the same thing with the Shamu show too, although for that they kept a lot of the tricks that make an aquatic show great.
So shame on you SeaWorld, I can’t believe what a fantastical mess you made of this show. Also boo for not having Atlantis open yesterday either.
A quick note: Kraken is a great roller coaster and Manta looks like it’ll be good too (summer 09).

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