Snow is Falling, All Around Me…

It’s a snow storm MSNBC was calling a ‘Monster of a Storm’ this morning, with forecasted snowfalls of 4 to 12 inches for my area. Now I’m not so good at estimating inches, but I think we had at least 4 inches when I went out with the snow blower to clear it. And that was 2 ½ hours ago with more snow and ice falling for that time. I like snow, but this post isn’t about how much and where it’s about Schadenfreude.
Defined it’s the “pleasure taken from observing the misery of another” (Wikipedia). Well as I write this right now the neighbours across the street are struggling to dig out their car to go god knows where. Shovels and snow blowers, scrappers and brushes; outside in the cold, where it’s still snowing and the sun is setting. Now I know the feeling, hell I was out there snow blowing areas only to turn around to see snow on them again, but being inside in the warm next to a warm fire while they’re out in the cold makes this the perfect case of Schadenfreude.

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