Fighting with Funny

So I heard this morning on the radio that today was ‘Call in Gay Day.’ The point was to show exactly what influence the gay community has on the world. So in light of this I thought I’d point out some of the interesting videos I’ve see around.
Two or so weeks ago I saw this on Will Ferrel’s / Adam Mckay’s website Dealing with proposition 8 when it was prominent in the news and what the Obama-nation means (featuring some big name actor/comedians).

While comedians can make jokes at the expense of this issue, there is one comedian out there who I saw yesterday take the issue more seriously than any other. When John Stewart interviewed former republican presidential nominee mike Huckabee on Tuesday he took the second part of the interview to press Huckabee on gay marriage. During the first part of his campaign I liked the idea of Huckabee. While not a republican myself, he seemed a wholesome guy. But when I dug deeper I saw some of his more outrageous values. In this segment, John Stewart’s eloquently puts his argument to Mike Huckabee in support of gay marriage and Huckabee responds—an interesting and intellectual dialog.

"Please chose LOVE instead of HATE, besides your nation was built on separation of church and state"

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