Football on FOX

Come on FOX. Seriously now, its 44- zero (3rd and 1:36). Even the commentators are asking for something else to cover. It’s obvious the Patriots have won this game with the Cardinals, yet you continue to cover it. Sure the Patriots are in the run off for some divisional championship…but there is another game playing right now that is also going for that title. The Miami Dolphins, playing the Kansas Chiefs. Their game is tied 31-31 (3rd and 3:40). Since when is a game that is a complete blowout better than a nail-bitter of a tied game going into the third quarter. I don’t care that this happens to be the north east, and they’re the New England Patriots…all I care about its good football. That is, not football where the cardinals can’t get a first down and cant keep their feet on defense. And not playing in the snow for 25 years is not an acceptable excuse for the cardinals.
Alls I’m saying is there should be some sort of limit/rules to when they change the game to something more interesting.

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