I think my books misprinted

I just finished reading Darren Shan’s Blood Beast (the Demonata book 5) and I have to say I feel like I did after seeing Pirates 2. A feeling that goes like this: I just paid full price for half a product. The main problem with this book, like pirates 2, is that there is no viable conclusion to the story. A problem that leads to a feeling like the book was a waste of time on my part, that the book had gone no where since the introduction. I was pretty psyched to read the latest part of the Grubbs Grady story, I thought Slawter was a great book, and at the beginning thought this book would be the same. Needless to say I was disappointed; when the first storyline seemingly ended and a second slower and more repetitive story line took its place I began to realize that this book wasn’t going anywhere. When the action finally did pick up again near the end I had hope that there would be some conclusion instead I discovered three words that dashed my hopes, in the form of ‘to be continued…’. I knew what Darren Shan was doing; he was trying to set up the next book so that everything would fall in to place. The problem was his execution wasn’t there; even if it’s a set up, the book still needs to have a feasible story line. Ultimately that was my biggest problem to the book, the fact that it was just a beginning and middle.

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