the DiggBar - a Revolution for Social News Agregation

I'm a fan of social news aggregates, the likes of which include and the idea behind them is that users submit articles they find on the web and other users vote for or against (in Digg's case 'digging' or 'burying') depending on whether they are relevant or interesting. the best articles will be displayed more often to the most number of people. now thats a very simple version of what exactly goes on, there are whole algorithms that deal with what is most popular and what gets 'front page' status.
the DiggBar.
digg just released its latest, and perhaps most important, adition to the site--the diggbar. Launching on april 2nd, the diggbar is essential a tool bar containing all the most important functions of Digg (comments, digging, burying and favouriting). but its much more than that. the diggbar also alows users abreviate urls. for example the url for this blog is Digg has now essentially become a url shortening service (along with the likes of simply put infront of any url and digg does the rest for you. along with this added functionality the diggbar gives related articles and also articles from the same domain.
Why I Like It
My method to Digging or Redditing has always been to click on multiple links, on say the homepage, read them and then go back to either digg or bury them. this becomes problematic for links say in the most popular section, or when ive gone to different pages. with the diggbar the articles are displayed inline with the functionality to digg and bury--all in the same page. for me this move makes sense, and its one of the best things digg has done as a site in the time ive been using it. the added usability to the site is astounding, and a much needed bonus feature for the 'original' (i use that term lightly) social news agregate. Congrats Kevin Rose.

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