NY’s Latest Fad…

climbing the New York Times building. And who wouldn’t want to? It’s like a giant ladder—a giant, four sided, 52 story ladder. When you step out of port authority it’s the first thing you see in the city, and I think from the time I first saw it I thought about its climb-ability—not that I would ever EVER consider EVER being up that high clinging to the side of a building with nothing but my hands and feet. So I guess I was surprised that it took over a year and a half for someone to do it (sorry, for two people to do it). I commute into the city everyday and I work about a block and a half from port authority/New York Times building. I didn’t really know about the first person (you tend to zone out the sirens), but it was mentioned after the fact. The second person though came to our attention because of the media coverage (the helicopters). We watched it online first—thank you video streaming—then realized we could see the New York Times building from our building (in fact we have a REALLY good view). It should also be mentioned that there was nothing stopping these climbers hitting the concrete pavement pretty hard if they had fallen. Now I really just need to carry my camera around more that I do, then I would have some pretty awesome pictures.

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